Collection: Summer courses Intensive Norwegian

Course levels
The course is offered at five levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

- Basic (people without knowledge of the Norwegian language)
- Beginner (participants at CEFR level A1 or who have previously studied Norwegian and know the basics of the language)
- Lower intermediate (participants at levels CEFR A2)
- Intermediate (participants at levels CEFR A2 - B1)
- Advanced (participants at CEFR levels B2 - C1) 

In addition to the ordinary Summer courses, Alfaskolen offers Conversation courses (Summer course PLUS), on every level for each week in which enough people have expressed their interest.

Placement test

You are asked to provide the school with information regarding your current level of Norwegian in the comments section when signing up for the course. All summer course participants will automatically be sent a placement test by e-mail when confirming their registration through our website. The placement test is conducted online. The placement test is obligatory for all participants that will be taking levels higher than A1-1 (new beginners). Based on the result of the placement test and in consultation with you, we will find an appropriate course for you. 

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